Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 2

At NaBloPoMo the topic this month is risk and a lot of my entries this month will be associated with that topic but for today and every weekend this month I will be talking about a myriad of other things.

Starting with why I call this blog Creative Indulgences.

I fancy myself a creative. In the fifty odd years I have been alive I have done many creative things, none of which have ever made me money but that is not the reason I make stuff. I can't "not" make something. I've tried. The longest I have ever gone without getting creative with something is about a week. So Creative because  almost everything I do is creative in one way or another.

Indulgences implies decadence and giving into your wants. I have finally reached a point in my life where I have few responsibilities so I choose to indulge my wants. What are my wants?

I want to write a book preferably of poetry since that is my first love but I also have a couple of short story ideas and one that is probably going to be a Novella if not a full fledged Novel. I am also working on an autobiography because I find myself wondering about my parents and grand-parents childhoods so I thought I would share mine with my grandchildren.

I want to do spoken word and story-telling and maybe even a bit of improv. My fondest dream has always been of me up on a stage giving a talk about something people wanted to hear about. As I progress through the month I hope to work myself up to at least the spoken word part of the dream. There is a venue in the city I live in that has an open mic poetry night once a month, my goal is to get up there on that stage and tell one of my story poems.

I want to make fifty two dolls all out of different materials and in different styles from a plain little dotee to a soft sculpture art doll. I am going really slow on that one because the materials, unless I make my own, can be quite expensive. I have the time I just don't have a whole lot of money.

I have a long list of other projects that I want to make as well but because I deal with depression and fibromyalgia on a daily basis I move quite slowly. And truth be told I don't take risks.

That last has turned me into a homebody who only goes out when they have to and never if the weather is bad. That the word Risk turned up this month is not a coincidence I think. I have yet to choose a word for the year but that one is definitely a candidate.

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