Sunday, 24 March 2013

March 24 - Sunday Thoughts

Have you ever watched Glee? I love musical theatre and that is what drew me to watch it on my beloved NetFlix. What I wasn't prepared for was the equisitly drawn characters and it's open and frank talk about what modern students face in highschool these days.

As a graduate of 1978, I saw the beginnings of some of these trends and it saddens me that we  as parents have carried so many of our prejudices into the modern day and passed them to our children in such virulent ways. I remember the harassment of the senors on the juniors but I do not remember such a distinct line between the various members of the student body.

Mind I was a loner, aside from some involvment with the Christian Fellowship group, I didn't mix much with my fellow students outside my classes...

Even now I find myself avoiding writing about the topic that sparked this essay and the mention of Glee and that is homosexuality in it's various flavours. I remember refering to my gym teacher as a dyke though I do not think I knew what that meant I'd just heard her referred to that way. She was referred to in that way because she was strong and athletic and quite demanding of her students.

When I did look it up I found a reference to a warrior goddess and she did remind me of one of those so I never made the connection.

In the same way a friend of mine wanted to become a nurse, that the friend was male should not be a surprise. What I remember thinking is he must be queer, which makes him safe. I do not know if I actually articulated to myself what I meant by queer. It didn't matter aside from the fact that it made him safe. Safe males were hard to come by in my life at that time.

Forget about someone actually appearing queer in those days, it just wasn't done. Such people did not exist in our world at that time. In Glee I saw that not much has changed for the queer person even in today's more open society. Your sexual preference and obviously your peer group choices mark you more clearly as different. Which in turn leads to bullying.

This is incomplete but I am having a heck of a time concentrating today.

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