Sunday, 31 March 2013

March 31 - Sunday Thoughts

It's Easter Sunday, I used to know what that meant but now all I remember is that I need to get chocolate for the littles in my family.

When I was a little myself it was the one day I knew my parents would be in church with me. It is the day the whole of the Christian religion is based on. The man called Jesus of Nazareth was hung on a cross until he died, then he was buried in a tomb with a big stone in front of it. Three days later which would actually be tomorrow but is celebrated today his mother or his girlfriend, I was never sure went to the tomb to grief and found the stone removed and the body gone. A little after that he is seen walking into town alive & well. He was beleived that he came back from the dead and that made him a god, since the people in question only beleived in one god it was assumed that Jesus was his son sent down to help mankind redeem themselves. As such it was the day that ALL christians celebrated, not just the faithful who went to church every week.

Do I beleive in Jesus or his father? I would have to say not really, not as such. A lot of what they stand for, truth, honesty, integrity, those things I beleive in. That there is a great spiritual presense that watches our every move and thought, in that context , no. That we may be the product of some bizarre science experiment, well maybe I could get behind that. That God sent his son to earth to save us, not really. We all need something to beleive in though and I do beleive that once there might have been another race or level of beings that looked after us. I think though that they are no longer as active as they once were, there are just too many of us and all the senseless deaths would quickly ruin even the most generous of souls.

So ends my speech for the day. Hope your Easter is a Happy one

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