Wednesday, 13 March 2013

NaBloPoMo - Day 13

If you didn't have to be concerned about money or expertise, what would be your ideal job?

My ideal job? It is tempting to be facetious here and I suppose it would be the proper response but I mean to look at this seriously.

My ideal job would take all of my hard earned service skills, computer skills, and design skills and roll them into a nice neat package. I could see myself in advertising or web design for SOHO people. Why SOHO because I want to be able to treat my clients like people and not have to get all politically correct. I don't do politically correct well at all. Also I believe that these are the business owners who are largely ignored by big agencies because they just don't have the right size budget.

My partner made a similar choice back in his 20's. He worked for one of the big three in the computer repair business and decided that he would rather devote his energies to non-profits because that was where he could help the most. As of today he has been out of the corporate for profit world for 20 years and loving it.

For the same reason he chose non-profit I prefer dealing with small office, home office companies. Because that is where I can do the most good and be of the most help.

Of course I don't have any schooling to back my skills and I am not actively seeking work due to the health issues I have alluded to before. Still it is a grand dream!

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