Monday, 18 March 2013

NaBloPoMo - Day 18

Talk about a tangible item you wish you had invented.

Painkillers! Acetaminophen!

Laughter or a good book can get my mind off the pain for a little while. Writing does too but then a day will come when both body and brain are screaming, what do you do then?

I ussually start by drinking an eight ounce glass of water, cause the water will help if I'm dehydrated. I will usually give the water an hour to work unless it is a really bad day then I might pop painkillers while I'm drinking it.

Let me be clear here I take nothing stronger than Tylenol Extra strength 500mg pills. The T1's as they are called do not help with the Fibro pain in fact I've noticed when I have tried them that they make the pain multiply. The same with any other pain killer that relies on Narcotics to reduce the pain. If I remember correctly it is because the narcotics work on the pain sensors in the brain numbing them but fibro is not muscle pain. I think it is about nerve endings and if there is really nothing that stops them from screaming.

So yes if I could have invented anything I wish I could have invented Acetaminophen! It is also the most common medicine used for arthritis patients and even some heart patients . I dno't know how it works and I don't really want to I'm just glad it does.

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