Wednesday, 20 March 2013


by Cheryl Marois

Spring Equinox

Today we will have reached one of the points in the year when our day and our night are exactly the same length. As a Libra I think of this as a very important point of the year. Everything is in balance and I can decide rather the next six months are going to be active, healthy months or lazy, sick months.

This year things are looking up and I am thinking that between now and the next equinox in September that I will accomplish a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to do. You see last September I had reached a point in my life where I just didn't care much about anything.

I had a bedbug infestation, I was a long way from home and I missed my family. I had just given notice to my landlord and was in the process of moving my stuff out of my room into a garage where it would spend the winter to decontaminate. I was moving into a situation that I knew was chaotic and was not really looking forward to such a drastic change. On top of that I had been tasked to help my daughter & SIL get out of a major finacial crunch they were in my taking over the finacial side of things.

As the Autumn Equinox came and went I lost much of my energy and will. I did manage to mean what was expected of me for the first few months and then I started getting sicker & sicker. Part of that is winter it works on me, making me sad with all that black & white. Now as spring approaches I feel new energy and hope. I have weathered the storm for now.

So I decided that today I would make a promise to myself. I would make this next six months count as a happy time, a productive time. Earlier this week I wrote about what I planned to do over the next quarter. This is my contract with myself to see those things done.

I, Cheryl Marois will spend the remainder of March and months of April through September writing every day. By April 15th I will have my first short story in 2nd draft. I will have completed the remaining poems for the Poetry book by April 30th. I will have the Final draft of the first story done and sent into Shadow Express by May 15th. I will be in the 1st draft of the Woulf Story by May 30. Layout for the Poetry Book and it's first draft as a complete piece will be completed by June 15. Woulf will be in 2nd draft by June 30
The Poetry book will be ready for publishing by July 1st. Woulf will be in in final draft by July 30. Woulf will be ready for publishing by August 30.

I think I'm going to have to make this into a table so that it is clearer for me to understand and then I need to make sure I post the schedule up so I can keep to it. I do not know if I will send either of the books to a publisher to see if I can gain a wider audience for them but I will have copies of books I made in my own library. I will just be glad to have the stories finally told in some form.

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