Friday, 29 March 2013


What new risk have you decided to take after thinking about risk all month?

I took the risk that my daughter and SIL would step up and help me train their son today but he is back in pull- ups and I am exhausted.

I have almost made it to the end of 30 days without missing a single day though some like today I send late. I haven't added myself to the blogroll for April yet but will do that tonight. If I can do it once I can certainly do it twice and next month looks like it will be fun, fun, fun. You will see, what I have planned on the first.

The risk calendar I am working on may not be ready on time but I will try to put some time into finishing it tomorrow so it can be published either tomorrow or Sunday, the thing is the professor is coming tomorrow and I have promised myself I will spend a lot of time with him. The last time he was down I basically ignored him and I felt bad afterwards.

We are doing Easter tomorrow instead of Sunday because the professor (poppa to the kids) is bringing Easter surprises so my daughter decided she would make a day of it. Considering that poppa isn't planning to get it until I can go with him wasn't made clear to her I guess.

Finally I am working on my first ever short story, I hope to have it in second draft by the end of April. Perhaps I will share it here and gather your comments.

My graphic project for April is going to be an infographic, my first ever, about poetry. If you are not sure what an infographic is check a few out here at my Pinterest

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