Monday, 4 March 2013

NaBloPoMo- Day 4

Do you believe the saying that with great risks come great rewards?


I suppose I could leave it at that but just to answer in the affirmative does not seem like enough.

It has been my experience that sometimes you have to stick your neck way, way out there and take the chance it is going to be cut off. A case in point. A few years back I joined Toastmasters because I wanted to learn how to speak in front of a crowd. The first speech you give is an introductory one. The usual process is to concentrate on one or two things that show the kind of person you are. Never one to follow the rules to the letter I ended up writing a rap type speech that basically put my whole life history out there for these strangers to judge. As it happened that wasn't such a bad thing because I ended up getting a trophy out of it and one of the listeners actually asked if they could have a copy of it as they wanted to do something similar. I figured what the heck! I don't know if she ever turned it into an actual rap song or used it for something else. It doesn't really matter. If I had not taken the chance and done that paticular speech in that paticular way I would not have gotten the trophy and I would not have been approached and asked to share my work.

Here below I would like to share the text of that speech and the picture I took of me & the trophy.
Three or four aspects of my life
Will give a little clue
To whom this woman is
That stands before you

So I have prepared
A litany of my strife
If you care to hear
About my life

Madame Chairperson, fellow toastmaster, honoured guests

I was a single mother before it became trendy and became a grandmother in my 30's. I have two children, a 26 year old daughter and a 25 year old son

The best thing about having children is I'm old enough to have lived life and young enough to still enjoy it

They did give me beautiful grand-daughters; One is six and the other is three
I always like it when we get together because I love to cook but need an excuse these days

I presently live with my daughter and oldest grand-daughter. Sara, my grand-daughter and I spend a lot of time together. I help her with her school work and we do crafts together. She is a good student and does well in school

My other grand-daughter, Breanna, I seldom see Her mother and my son are no longer together and there are other problems there. At least he didn't marry her.

I did get married once but it ended badly, I worked, he didn't. I started to expand my mind, he didn't want me to. After five years I had had enough

I've been common-law twice since then. Once to a drunk and the second time to a very special man. He is still part of my life though we no longer live together

Alcohol, cigarettes
I've been their pet
Marijuana and hash
Tried too, you bet

Depression, suicide
I've been there
My partner taught me
That people still care

With his guidance
I found a way
To survive
And enjoy each day

Though I miss him
And his cheer
His life is there
And mine is here

I graduated Grade 12 and received a special teachers award for sheer tenacity. I was after all 7 months pregnant on my final day of high school. I started college that fall in the computer science course but didn't finish the first semester I guess I wasn't ready

Many years and much recrimination later my partner suggested I might give systems and networking a try. That didn't work so well but it did help me rediscover computers

I got a computer and began to play around a bit with it I found I really like to be creative on the computer

This was a necessary realization. It has guided my footsteps ever since. The discovery of my creative side opened a lot of choices I hadn't realized I had

The only thing I like better than cooking is creating something But then I have always been a creative cook

For my 40th birthday my partner bought me a digital camera I seldom leave home without it

I take an average of 200 pictures a month. In order to put my pictures into some kind of order and retain the memories I began to create scrapbook pages

This led me to embelishments for the pages. In turn this led me to making art photos, calendars and cards

This led me to creating original paintings and drawings with my mouse. I can't draw a straight line with a pencil but I can with my computer and a mouse

Here in this town
Scenery abounds
My camera by my side
My joy resounds

Take a picture
Turn it into art
Oh waht pleasure!
It fills my heart

But to pay the bills
I needed a career
So I'm becoming
A restauranteer

Oh and a poet as well as you can tell

I am a Jill of all trades, mistress of none yet

I have worked at everything from baby sitting to network consulting. From welding to catering, and from a warehouse floor to cashier at Tim Horton's

I am between positions at the moment but expect to be working again soon. Once I'm working, I will begin the Arts course I'm interested in. In five years I hope to be working in Computer Animation. Maybe creating advertising for restaurants!

Now I've had my say
Though a bit zany
This is my life
This is my litany

Madame Chairperson

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