Tuesday, 5 March 2013

NaBloPoMo- Day 5

I would like to share with you a couple of poems I've done this year about weight loss. The first is a French ballade the second a duet. The title links will take you to their respective pages on Write On! and this one will take you to my portfolio there. I hope you enjoy my poetry.

Gotta Get My Weight down

When I found out I was obese I cried
It's a lie that your jolly when your fat
I lost count of how many times I tried
To follow this exercise plan or that
Walking in place, and push-ups on the mat
Yet regardless of that I am still round
In spite of that even my bones are fat
Gotta keep trying to get my weight down

I'm continually dissatisfied
I've given up hope and thus the combat
I have surrendered completely my pride
They say eat complex carbs but avoid fat
Follow the rules, you'll be glad you did that
Truly I understand how this will sound
But I'm the person they are looking at
Gotta keep trying to get my weight down

Thank you to the Canadian Food Guide
And for all that on line peer to peer chat
There can be a downside and an upside
All in all there is an easy format
Do a bit of this and a bit of that
Then sooner or later you aren't so round
Eventually you won't be so fat
Gotta keep trying to get my weight down

One day at a time is where it is at
All that is needed is to move around
And congratulate yours truly for that
Gotta keep trying to get my weight down

Duet: No Working Title

Skinny girl: Look at her working so hard
Can't for the life of me figure out why 

Chubby girl: Work those hips, swing em wide
Hey skinny bitch step aside

Skinny girl:Exercise seems kinda unhealthy
Especially all the time

Chubby girl:What she doesn't know is
Some day she could look like me

Skinny girl:I'm striving so hard to get ahead
I just don't have the time to play

Chubby girl:Once I looked like that too
I worked hard strove to get ahead

Skinny girl:Who is she kidding that won't happen to me
Maybe her metabolism is slow
Or maybe she just doesn't have my get up and go

Chubby girl:But late nights and fast food did a number on me
I thought I would be safe
But unhealthy habits caught up with me

Skinny girl:I don't worry, cause I don't care
Nothing sticks here

Chubby girl:Working out and a careful diet
has given me back some of myself

Skinny girl:Oh dear god, whats going on
I think I'm having a heart attack

Chubby girl:After months of bed rest
When I had a heart attack

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