Tuesday, 9 April 2013

9 days into the month- scoring

It's nine days into the month so I thought I would add up my points to see where I am at. 

This is how I am scoring them:
1 point x 30 daily blog entrys (as long as there is an entry for that date it counts)
1 point x  20 daily prompts answered
1 point x  30 poems completed in the form listed for that day
1 point  x 20 if the daily poetry form answers prompt 
  1. 9 entries
  2. 5 prompts answered
  3. 5 poems written in the days form
  4. 5 prompts answered with a poem
This puts my current score at 24 out of a possible 36 up to today the ninth of April..

The poems I didn't get done on their paticular day will be sharing a post which I hope to have caught up by the fifteenth.

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