Friday, 12 April 2013

April 12th, 2013 Poetry form = Kyrielle

How do you interpret the words "live simply?"
Kyrielle is a French form written in quatrains. Each quatrain contains a repeated line or phrase as a refrain. It has a meter usually composed of eight syllables per line but it can be varied. There is no limit to the number of stanzas, but three is generally the minumum. The normal structure is a/a/b/B, c/c/b/B, d/d/b/B. with B being the repeated line.

Before I get to today's prompt I had to share ... this is what my window looked like this morning after an ice storm 

Live Simply

Live in a little house made of wood. It wouldn't have to be big two hundred square feet would be enough. A garden to grow my fruits and vegetables in. A chicken or two for the eggs and a goat for milk. A well nearby or some other body of water to provide that essential to all earth kind.

A few books, some yarn and needles, a few art supplies and I would be all set. This is how I lived as a child and it is as simple as it gets.

If I happened to have electricity for cooking, lights and a laptop that would be cool but I could get along just as easily with candles and a wood stove. I would learn how to get along without a computer again.

Now for the hard part putting all of that into a Kyrielle

Live in a little house of wood
Something ten by ten would be good
No sense in doing it half-assed
Living simply is in my past

Keep a chicken and goat or two
That is one thing you need to do
Find a nice place that is well grassed
Living simply is in my past

Grow my own fruits & vegetables
Wear only bio-materials
Such a life will be unsurpassed
Living simply is in my past

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