Monday, 22 April 2013

April 22nd, 2013 Poetry form = Ballad

How do you keep blogging fresh year after year?
Ballad: A story in a song, usually a narrative song or poem. Any form of story may be told as a ballad (not to be confused with a ballade), ranging from accounts of historical events to fairy tales in verse form. It is usually with foreshortened alternating four- and three-stress lines ('ballad meter') and simple repeating rhymes, and often with a refrain.

Blogging until this one has not been something I wrote for others to read but to get my own emotional mind in some sort of order. For this blog I am intending to use the blogher prompts and challenge myself monthly with a new creative endevour. This month because it is national poetry month is about poetry, though obviously I didn't do as much as I wanted, and writing.

Next month I am looking at a photography theme and then in June I am thinking about doing scale modelling or dolls or maybe knitting, I'm not sure yet. Each month something different. In July I'm thinking about cooking particulrly cold meals. It is all still up in the air. Depending on what I have found out this year I will repeat the sequence or do an entirly different one.

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