Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 24, 2013

Just a quick note to fill you in about the tags. If it says form = n/a it means that only the rules are there that the poem has yet to be written, you will see a lot of them because getting them done has proven a lot harder than I expected especially the longer ones like the Chant Royale

Some of you may also be still waiting for the Risk calendar that I said I would do last month but it also is proving to be a bit trickier than I expected. When I was first thinking about it it was to be a simple prompt calendar with things like "Smile at a stranger today" but when I began writing it it became something entirely different, a plan to help people who like myself stay inside and away from people to get out of their shells and start making human connections again. Oddly enough when I became aware of what I was writing I suddenly stopped working on it. Looking back now after almost a month from when I stopped working on it I think that perhaps I felt it would be too risky to make it, people might be offended because it is very basic and involves small steps because it is for people who have not connected in any meaningful way with other humans beyond their immediate family in a long time.

I want to do this, both the simple one and the one for people who are out and about but maybe feel their lives are safe and want to make a few changes, take a few easy risks to build up for the big one that is lurking in the back of their minds, I just need some courage of my own. meanwhile it will be delayed.

And finally since I know little about Infographs I find I need to do a bit of studying before I tackle it but as I want it as part of my chapbook it will get done.

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