Sunday, 28 April 2013

April 28 - Sunday Thoughts Poetry form =Haiku

Use a family anecdote, or a family ritual, as a leaping-off point for saying something about how your family or the world works.
Haiku: Traditional form- unrhymed 17 syllable poem of Japanese origin. It usually has a seasonal reference.The structure is: line 1 - 5 syllables; line 2 - 7 syllables; line 3 - 5 syllables

My favorite thing
In the summer bright to do
is a zoo picnic

Before my mother was confined to a wheelchair my happiest memories were stopping at KFC for a family meal
then heading over to Riverside Zoo
 for a picnic
and a visit to the monkey house. 

The KFC has been replaced by a Tim Hortons and the monkey house is now home to carp but still I would love to take my grandsons for a picnic at the zoo, both girls have already done this and the baby girl is still too little.

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