Monday, 1 April 2013

Why there are two badges for April

The NaBloPoMo topic for April is Fresh but April is also National Poetry Month. I found that badge at the NaBloPoMo website and decided to use it .

My main goal for April is to complete 30 poems I need for the chapbook I'm working on over at Write On!. I am also in the middle of a 30 day image prompt contest over there. Since poetry is my first love I have decided to dedicate most of my writing this month to it but I also want to keep up with NaBloPoMo so I have assigned myself a double prompt each day; One poetry form and the NabloPoMo Prompt for that day.

I still need 32 poems for the book but there are not enough days plus some of the forms I have chosen require a fair amount of work. Yes, poetry can be work occasionally, its not all hearts and flowers.

I am trying something new this month:
1 point x 30 daily blog entrys
1 point x  20 daily prompts answered
1 point x  30 poems completed in the form listed for that day
1 point  x 20 if the daily poetry form answers prompt 

Hopefully this will keep me stay with the daily writing as I really need to get those poems at least into draft by the end of April. Each point is worth a dollar at the end of the month. If I've done the math right I will have $100 or so to spend but even $50 would be good because I need new runners.

Each day you will see the prompt and the poetry form I wish to work on that day at the top of the post. I add the prompts ahead of time but the actual writing is done on that date. You are my witness, if  I meet the requirements for that day I hope you will comment because positive feedback is always nice to receive and it will keep me going.

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