Sunday, 12 May 2013

May 12 - Sunday Thoughts- Happy Mother's Day!

I feel so bad because I haven't been much fun this past week. Today is the reason. My mother died a long time ago but  Mother's day always makes me sad., My parents anniversary falls on May 15 and that adds to the sad.  My grandson's birthday on the 14th gets buried under the sad. He is only turning three so perhaps I haven't had time to make the transition yet, bullshit of course I've had time I'm just too wrapped up in the sad.

These are my parents on their wedding day! The photo prompt of the day is Mother so this fits well.

This is me, my daughter with my sisters Cindy and Sandy . We are all mothers. My sisters and I each have two children , my daughter has birthed four, three of which are alive and kicking

Happy Mother's Day Girls!

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