Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May 1st

Did you have a favourite stuffed animal or lovey as a child?  Tell us about it.

As a child I had very few toys since we were very poor. The first toy I remember wanting was a Raggedy Anne and the first toy I remember getting was a Wendy Walker. The one thing I remember about the Wendy Walker was that she was taller than me. 

For the photo stuff I thought I would follow along with this one by Fat Mum Slim she does a new one every month but as luck would have it my camera needs a battery charge and I didn't bring my charger to the Professors. Turns out internal DCIM takes tons more power than an external one even when your just transferring photos from one to the other.

When I get home I'll have to put up a verbal description until I can take the photos

Today the item I was going to photograph was my new runners. They are black with reddish purple trim and purple laces. They are low tops not high tops since I do a lot of walking and the high tops hurt my ankles, (shakes head, no idea), and I find them uncomfortable.
I was going to photograph my shoes but I thought I would share this for todays photo prompt. I bought this kitchenette set last year with my inheritance, it allows me a certain flexibility such as being able to make my own meals if I so desire on the days I do not want to spend with my daughter & her family. There is a hot plate, a fridge, a freezer a electric kettle, a microwave and a toaster oven all in this small corner of my room.

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  1. How strange and wonderful is it when life introduces you to someone just when you didn't even know you needed to meet them.
    Thanks to the comment you left Saturday, I wasn't blind-sided when I recieved a diagnosis of Dythymia yesterday. Thank you for popping into my world at the best time. *grin*
    And I think it's doubly awesome, since one of the first toys I remember was a Wendy Walker!