Saturday, 25 May 2013

May 25

Last weekend we celebrated Victoria Day but in truth it should have been this weekend as in my mind it is literally associated with May 24th. In my youth it was this week-end that everyone came to town for the first visit of the year. They were here to open their cottages and their trailers and have their first summer week end mind you back then summer began earlier at least it seemed to.

In my 50+ years I have seen many changes and any of you born in the mid 1900's know what I mean. The pace of life was slow and easy but every year it seems to me life goes faster an faster.  In my youth we strived to live now it seems we live to strive. Push harder, go faster, do more in less time, Why?

You were expected to work hard but not to work yourself to death. People waited anxiously for letters from their far off loved ones, now we get so much electronic mail that we delete 3/4 of it unread, at least I do. News came slowly vis tv or radio now 10 minutes after something happens someone has posted it to the world wide web.

Do not get me wrong I love the internet and many of the options it offers us are great. The Internet allows me to be what I want to be without spending a lot of money but it also offers the same options to rapist and kiddie porn dealers. Still in all the world only one thing remains true, all that is good can and will be balanced with all that is bad because we as a species would most likely get bored if everything was all bad or all good all the time. We as a species need a balance of both good and bad in our lives to feel like we have lived them. 

Be good to one another as often as you can but if someone is making trouble for you eventually that trouble has to be addressed preferably not by violence but in some way.


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