Thursday, 2 May 2013

May 2nd

Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal now?

Yes I do, right now a big momma tiger & baby share my bed, it used to be foghorn leghorn but he got lost along the way  I have only recently found him again. Still I like the tiger so it stays.
Momma & baby, my bed companions
My morning routine at present consists of:

Getting dressed
taking Coco for her morning constitutional, feed her and Ember
making and drinking a couple of coffee's sometimes perked sometime Tassimo depending on what we have while catching up on farmville
at 9am ususally I am at working on one of my lessons and around 10:30am I will come and do this entry.


Tomorrow my routine will change because my SIL has started work and his shift begins early
At 7 am I will get up to the alarm and get dressed
At 7:15 I will take Coco out for her walk
At 7:30 I will feed her and Ember, grab a coffee and breakfast if possible
At 7:45 I will do a quick run through Farmville
At 8:am I will check email at writing .com
At 8:15 I will put on my shoes and head out to the bus stop with the boys
my daughter and I will take the boys to day care and then come back home I figure I'll be back home by 10am at which time I will do todays blog entry
10:30 or so I will be back at doing my lessons until noon when I will take my lunch break and check farmville again
Back at it by 1pm

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