Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May 7

What makes you reach for a comfort food?

Any number of things can have me reaching out for sugar or salt or a combination of the two but mainly it happens when I am feeling very depressed or when I just can't find the energy to go on and I figure a bite of something full of calories will help boost my energy, turns out that doesn't happen most times it just makes me more tired. 

Sometimes when I'm really stressing about something and I have run out of fingernails to chew I'll grab what ever is handy. Ussually since I'm too worried to cook that means cookies or ice cream or something equaly as easy to grab and go.

Todays Photo Prompt is something beginning with F

I was trying to get a picture of that stone he was holding but his fingers kept getting in the way as he was telling me about it.

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