Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June 12

Photo of The Day: 11 o’clock: At either 11am or 11pm take a photo of whatever it is you’re doing.

So much stuff in my head I hardly know where to begin
Sing a song of praise or sing a song of sin
Such choice as I have before me
Sorry don't mean to bore ye
I sit and think, and think and then I sleep and sleep
I have forgotten how to pray Lord my soul please keep
The words I write today are words I need to say
Please listen, thank you for being my friend today
I fight each day to stay the course
and weather the worst by force
Still as I sit here to write, I wonder why I need to
There really is no need to
Keep going this way
Pain and fatigue control my days, none seem to realize
I stay in this world cause I'm stubborn like that besides
I may be a drain on society, just one more poor person
For all those workers to support, I say try some immersion
In my mind and body today and then tell me
I do not have to be this way, I dare you to see
What it is like to be inside my mind for just one day
I dare you to try and live my way
I suppose if I cared to I could change my pace
But hell this is life not a race
I choose to continue because I want to see
A great grandchild or three
More than that, I am a coward, I chose to live
Killing myself is not an option I will give
My life continues slow and steady to death
I refuse to take that last breathe
By using a quick means to the end
Though the rest I won't mend
So much more to say but the words begin to fail
All of these words issued to no avail
My head is still stuffed and my eyes heavy, I must sleep
Hope you didn't feel this too deep

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