Friday, 21 June 2013

June 21

Photo of The Day: Lunchtime: What does lunchtime look like for you today? Are you eating alone? With others? Out? At home? At your desk? We wanna see!

I added some photo's for the photo prompts last night, I figured all those empty posts should have something in them and since I take a lot of photos most of the prompts were easy to match though in a couple I actually borrowed images from online, things I thought would fit.

OK so if you read yesterdays post you know I have a lot of stuff to work through and that list on the first was just a list of the first comments that came into my head when I got thinking about words that I felt had affected my life in a bad way. I have noticed that we all listen more to our negative self than to our positive self, the good stuff gets buried under all that negative crap.

For myself the more I read "How To Be Your Own Therapist" the more I find myself agreeing with her. I've had a lot of "helpers" in my life that were anything but. I have yet to find one I felt "got me" as my friend Chris says. I am going to see if her practice will work for me, if it doesn't there is nothing lost, if it does it will be invaluable.

I will also be adding to the Mindfulness page today I hope and I have decided to share what I have for the Risk Calendar albeit in a agenda type way not as an actual calendar as I originally planned. Also if all goes well I will be doing a preliminary plan for the poetry infograph.

Yeah I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. Today is the longest day of the year so I'll have plenty of light to work with. This weekend I will be away so I'm not sure if I'll be writing or not but I will still post the photo prompts from Photo A Day as they are already done.

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