Thursday, 6 June 2013

June 6

Photo Of The Day: Transport: Be it a car, bike, skateboard, plane or another mode… capture transport.

Another day of being sick... I'm not sure if it is the IBS, the H Pylorii, the Lactose Intolerance or what but something has been playing havoc with my stomach and bowels. Sweet mother of Mary I wish it would stop so I could get back to this and my other responsibilities.

The question I had for today is: 6) Being fat is something to be ashamed of because the only reason you could possibly be fat is if you are a lazy person.

Define it, claim it and hope it works Ok that doesn't make a lot of sense but then neither am I right now.

Day 3: Change to Loving Responses

Ok I know this one and so should you, it's all about taking all that negative shit we tell ourselves and switch it around so that it is a positive

Don’t rush to break lifetime habits. For now, raise your self-awareness. Just become more vigilant of the things you say or do out of habit that keep you feeling low about yourself. Don’t get angry or disgusted with yourself. We all do things that aren’t in our own best interest because we’re insecure and want people to like us. Pay attention gently, lovingly, without any criticism.

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