Monday, 1 July 2013

July 1 Raise Your Consciousness

Photo Prompts:
Happiness is my Family
  My Family

Half Way: Can you believe it 2013 is half over already? Enjoy my art,

I went on a pilgrimage a few weeks back, I had Rob take me to Buckhorn so I could touch the soil of the first place I ever lived. SInce I was on family land I should have expected to meet the only member of my family still living here. That she happens to be my first friend made it extra special. I called her my oldest friend but she objected to that as she just passed the fifty mark in February and she`s a bit sensitive about that. I could share a recent photo of her but I won`t instead I`ll give you a glimpse of the past.
Janet is the baby & I`m the toddler beside her

All that`s left of my first home

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