Thursday, 11 July 2013

July 11: Schedule a "Me" Day

31 Days of Self Love
Day 11: Schedule a "Me" Day

People who with little self-love rarely have time for themselves and the activities they enjoy because they’re so fixed on doing what others want. This is very unloving! “ME time” is important for your happiness! Every time you make a little time to do something just for you is a lovely act of self-love. Try taking ME time to the next level!

Schedule a “ME day”—a whole day that’s ALL about YOU—to say a big loud “I love me!” Go to your calendar and choose a day that will work for you. A whole day! Weekends can be easier but it’s also fun to take a day off from work to play. No chores or errands. Just for things you’d enjoy. Plan your day ahead of time. Think about what you’d like to do. Write it down and look forward to it. Don’t tell anyone your plans, unless it’s someone you trust to be happy for you.

Make plans with YOU as important as those with other people to say “I love me!”
NaBloPoMo From Blogher
Thursday, July 11, 2013: If you were trapped in an elevator, which three bloggers would you most want with you in that situation?

I have never thought about it but #1 would have to be Chris Dean ... she is a survivor and she is funny both of which would be good if I'm trapped in an elevator. Speaking of funny and kinda corny sweet she has a post up right now about how she realized she was in love with her husband.

I don't read anyone else so I guess that's it.

365 Photo Challenge
Day 11. On The Street

Taken from my third floor window
Photo A Day Challenge
11. I wore this!: What is something you wore today? You could share your whole outfit, or just a small part of it.

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