Monday, 15 July 2013

July 15: Give Yourself Hugs

31 Days of Self Love
Day 15: Give Yourself Hugs
Hugs are therapeutic, even when you give them to yourself. Studies have shown that the more hugs you get, the stronger your well-being. Touch is therapeutic for your emotional health. Hugs, caressing, massages, etc. all do more than just feel good at the moment. They have lingering results. While it’s nice to get hugs and caresses from others, you can provide it to you at any time! Hugging yourself says, “I love me,” and helps you to feel good.

Wrap your arms around yourself for a minute when no one is around. It may feel funny the first few times but eventually you’ll get used to it and then enjoy the benefits. Hold yourself  yourself.  Rub your arms and any other parts your hands touch. Close your eyes and appreciate how good touch feels, even if it's from you. While they’re not a substitute for being hugged by someone else, they’re a separate feel-good action. Have you hugged yourself yet? Give yourself one as you read this if you can.
I love giving and getting hugs but I never tried giving one to myself. But you know what? When I did I felt a smile begin inside me.

NaBloPoMo From Blogher
Monday July 15, 2013: Do you find it easy to go offline during vacation?

Are you kidding? I tend to spend more time online not less when I'm on vacation
365 Photo Challenge
Day 15. I Spy
Photo A Day Challenge
15. Outsidethe Window:  Look through the window and take a photo of what you see

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