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July 21: Sunday Sermon-Let Faith Support You

31 Days of Self Love
Day 21: Let Faith Support You

Self-Love is a process that builds over time. Small loving acts are like little steps that stimulate self-love. I consider faith to be the glue—the power tool for building self-love and becoming an empowered person. Become more conscious of where you thoughts go when you have a problem. Try using faith for small issues and as you see it works, try more. The more you see faith work, the more you’ll trust it. The more you try and have a positive outcome, the more you’ll be motivated to use faith as a tool for getting through life in a happier and relaxed way.


You get as much as your mind allows. If you believe you can, you can. The contrary is true too. Be careful not to attract negatives. Faith is a solid gift of love to you. I implore you to use it if you want a happier life!

Sunday Sermon

As I have said before  I do not like the Christian definition of Faith, it comes with too many strings attached. Please before you get your panties in a bunch let me explain.

I had a dream a long time ago, I sat in a church and during the sermon the preacher pulled out a book and said "Within these pages are the rules  you must follow to be a good christian". Within the dream the book of rules was thicker than the bible and consisted of instructions on not only how to pray but the way a person must appear to be a good christian. Rules like a woman must never cut her hair and it should always be done in a bun or controlled in some way because a woman should never show the true glory of her hair except to her husband.

That dream turned me off organized religion. I have a difficult time following rules I don't think make sense besides I tried that hair thing and my hair is so thick that I actually got tension headaches trying to carry the weight of it around. Honest injun, my hair was down to the middle of my back and it was so heavy even in a pony tail that it gave me a headaches, it is like the big knot of stress so many of us are familiar with, my whole body was tense from trying to keep my head up and forward. 

So what am I talking about when I talk about faith? The cynics out there are not going to like this but it needs to be said. I believe that all people no matter what kind of dickhead they seem to be are inherently good. I think that if you approached even the most evil person in the world in just the right way you would find a streak of golden goodness inside them. The problem of course is finding that gold.  I don't search for it, I just treat them as I would treat myself and I figure that will reach them more quickly than if I appeared to be searching them and their behaviour for that little bit of light.

I know taking people on face value can be difficult. I know this because I struggle with trust all the time still it doesn't stop me from smiling and saying hi to people I meet. I don't help out as much as I would like to but I am determined to change that. I know saying hi to someone as you pass them on the street is considered dangerous these days but guess what that is one of the rules I think doesn't make sense. If a disaster happens and we refused to talk to strangers how on earth are we going to survive. Self-sufficiency is a good thing but there will always be things you need that someone else has and trading is the best most spiritual way of getting what you need. If you refuse to talk to a stranger how on earth are you going to be able to make a trade?

The bottom line is you have to have faith in your fellow man and that basically they do not want to harm you. In fact they are probably as wary of you as you are of them so open up people. Share your light, share your love and trust that everything will turn out right. You will be surprised at how much love you get back.

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