Wednesday, 24 July 2013

July 24: Tune in to What You Want

31 Days of Self Love
Day 24: Tune in to What You Want

We all have desires, cravings, and things we think we should do. Choosing what to do, or not do, should take some thought so you can determine what's truly in your best interest. Often we want to do something for the wrong reasons. DoorMats make choices that will please others but might not please themselves!! That is not loving! Nor is it healthy. Nor does it bring happiness.


Whenever you’re about to make a decision, or take an action or agree to something someone else wants, ask yourself, “Who am I doing this for?” Is it something YOU want, or are you doing it to avoid taking risks, to soothe a negative emotion, or to make someone else happy? If it’s not about what YOU want, do you best to reconsider your choice. Doing what's in YOUR own best interest says, “I love me” because in the long run these choices will increase your happiness!

I have chosen to bold this whole thing today because I think this is a very important  point. As a doormat myself it has been very empowering to say "I am not going to do this because it is something someone else wants me to do and it is not something I want to do." Hopefully that makes sense to you it certainly does to me. Saying no to that one more thing feels good!

NaBloPoMo From Blogher
Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Joe Nichols said, "Being an entertainer includes knowing how to connect with an audience." Can you be a good entertainer without the connection?

 No I don't think so even movie actors connect with their audience because they know who they are entertaining.

365 Photo Challenge
Day 24: Action

Photo A Day Challenge
Day 24: D is for…: Show a photo of something starting with the letter D.

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