Friday, 26 July 2013

July 26: Get Exercise

31 Days of Self Love
Day 26: Get Exercise

Moving is healthy. Aerobics helps your heart and burns calories. Weight training makes your body stronger. Instead of dieting to look good for someone else, exercise for YOU. Staying fit helps you live longer, increases energy, reduces stress, slows the effects of aging, maintains the immune system, and improves self-esteem. Looking better is just a bonus!

Take control! Find an exercise buddy or class. Be creative on busy days. Walk! It burns calories and strengthens the heart. Get a jump rope. Use stairs instead of elevators when possible. I go up and down stairs when time is tight. Do calisthenics at home. Use dumbbells. Find ways to get movin’ and groovin’. Dance! Take pride in any effort to improve your body. It’s hard for some of us. When you actually do something, enjoy having control over old habits. Don’t berate yourself if you don’t do “enough.” Even a little helps! That’s love!

Do not get me started on this topic... it is a very important thing to do and I do a lot of the things they suggest. I don't do "enough" to lose weight but I am maintaining myself at a certain level and that is a good thing. I constantly remind myself that everything I do uses calories, maybe not a lot but I am still burning a few everytime I walk to the bathroom or climb the stairs or take Coco out to pee. 

NaBloPoMo From Blogher
Friday, July 26, 2013
Mike White admits: "I guess I'm trying to write stuff that I, as a viewer, would connect to." Do you think you do this on your blog? 

I hope I do... I write a lot of stuff usually but this month I've been using online resources. Even so I chose one self-help topic, one opinion topic and two creative activities in the hope that somewhere in what I share someone will find something they can use.

365 Photo Challenge
Day 26: Science

Experiment | Systems | Observation

Photo A Day Challenge
Day 26. The everyday: The thing that I love about this challenge is that you can see beauty in the ordinary, so look around you, find something that you see most days and capture it in a photo.

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