Monday, 29 July 2013

July 29: Consciously Make An Effort To Eat Healthier

31 Days of Self Love
Day 29: Consciously Make An Effort To Eat Healthier

Eating a balanced diet with consciousness about getting good nutrition is a wonderful act of self-love. In the long run, eating healthy will make you feel better physically, which improves your life even more. Even if you don’t eat healthy consistently, every nutritious effort you make builds self-love. When you make a conscious choice to eat more veggies or not finish dessert or get the grilled instead of the fried chicken, say, “I’m making this choice to say ‘I love me!’”
Small efforts add up. As you eat a little healthier, you might find it easier to do and keep going. By doing so, you may drop a pound without trying or notice your digestion is better or have more energy. Those are some of the benefits of eating healthier. This act of self-love has many rewards that will improve your quality of life. As you feel better and your happiness increases from changes in diet, self-love blossoms.
I have only just begun doing this and I am pleased to say I am feeling much better and that is only from a few days!
NaBloPoMo From BlogherMonday, July 29, 2013
Can you connect easily with your feelings and understand where they come from?

That would be a big NO! I have locked my emotions down tight. I know this because I have been told I am cold and unemotional. I know that only really big emotions make their way to the surface. Of course there are others who say I am too emotional but I just don't see it. About the only emotion I give free rein to is happiness and that is because if it is strong enough I burst into laughter.
365 Photo Challenge
Day 29: Ride
On A Bike | With Wheels | With Movement
Photo A Day Challenge
Day 29. Perspective: This is a photography technique. I’ll share how to shoot perspective in a blog post soon!

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