Thursday, 4 July 2013

July 4 Accept Compliments Graciously

Accept Compliments Graciously

Were you taught that modesty makes you liked more? When you don’t love yourself if can be hard to receive a compliment and enjoy it. Modesty can make you deflect kind words or even deny your assets.
“No I didn’t lose weight. It must be the light.” When you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to accept kind words.

Even if you have to consciously force yourself at first, practice receiving graciously. When you get praise, practice saying “thank you,” close your mouth, and allow yourself to feel pride. You deserve it!

It took me a long, long time before I could do this but this is one lesson I have learned!


Who do you feel closest to in your life?



An image from google images and a wordart from a freebie combined with a little Photoshop magic and voila an art piece.


Red, white or blue: Pick a colour and share it for Independence Day {in the USA}.  You can check out my photo for contrast  to see my colour choice though before the day is done I hope to have something in Red and white to share since we Canadians celebrated our birthday on the 1st of July


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