Friday, 5 July 2013

July 5 Buy a Brand Name Product

Buy a Brand Name Product
Do you tend to buy the store brand of products to save money? There’s nothing wrong with that but buying the one you really like can shout a big “I love me” for a few dollars more. Think about a product that you buy the cheap version of but you’d enjoy the better one more. The good coffee, lotion, jam or better wine. Buy the better one if it’s something that brings you pleasure!

Every time you use the product you’ll feel good. Each cup of good coffee or special jam on your bread is a reminder that you’re making an effort to love yourself and feel more worthy of self-love. Find your splurge—a product that says, “I love me!’ and enjoy it! Each time you eat, drink or use it, affirm, “I bought this because I love me!”

I bought myself a Tim Hortons Coffee and a Fruit Explosion muffin this morning and then I decided to put some money on my Tim's Card that way even when I have no money in the bank I can still buy myself a cup of coffee once in awhile something that always makes me feel good.


Do you think that it's easy or difficult for you to connect with people?

It depends on what you mean by connect. I have no problem smiling at a stranger and saying hi while I'm passing by or holding a conversation with a stranger at a bus stop but put me into a party situation and you will find me on the fringe by myself. I think it has to do with speaking within a group of people, I went to Toastmaster's for a reason and though I got better I have not been able to feel comfortable talking with several people at once. When I gave a speech I concentrated on one person in the audience and that was who I spoke to. In a social situation, any social situation I tend towards trying to fade into the woodwork, I can't say I'm shy because in one to one situations I have no problem speaking to someone about anything. I think it is my perception of what proper behavior is in a social setting that causes the main part of the problem because I always see myself as not living up to my perception of the societal norm. Like a friend of mine said recently I'm more comfortable on the fringe, it is where I feel most at home.


5. A Fountain
Located in a public garden beside the Credit Union


 Love: Take a photo that shows love.

Ember eating his breakfast, he really likes his "Special Kitty"


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  1. Good for you on splurging on yourself! You definitely deserve it. (Even if it is only now and then.)
    And as another friend told me last week, you meet the best people hanging out on the Fringe. his is just another example of her being right!