Saturday, 6 July 2013

July 6: Be Your Own Best Friend

31 Days of Self Love
Day 6: Be Your Own Best Friend
Think about what you'd say to your best friend who broke something or said the wrong thing or made a big mistake? You'd probably do your best to give reassurance. Next time you do something that you regret, think about what you'd say to a friend who did the same thing.

Would you scold or console? Call her names or be kind? Carry a grudge for a long time or forgive him? You know you'd do the latter choice in most cases. Get into the habit of stopping yourself from reacting negatively and treat yourself the way you'd treat your friend.
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365 Photo Challenge
6: Blue Sky

Photo A Day ChallengeFave smell: What smell do you adore? Coffee? Fresh fruit? Flowers? Show it in a photo.

Real Honest to Goodness Scented Roses!

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