Sunday, 7 July 2013

July 7 Sunday Sermon

31 Days of Self Love
Day Day 7: Redefine Your Self-Image
Don’t focus on what you’re not. Pay attention to the beautiful person you are. Instead of looking for what’s wrong with you, find your good qualities and appreciate them. Let them define you, instead of what you don’t have.
Not being thin doesn’t mean you’re fat!
Not being the smartest in your class doesn’t make you dumb.
Not being the fastest doesn’t make you slow.
Accepting this will increase your self-love and confidence. Comparing yourself to others will block self-love since you can always find someone who makes you fall short and feel like you’re lacking. What you’re not doesn’t make you what you are. Love yourself for who you really are!

I Love Me! OK it still feels funny to say that but I am slowly getting better at it. I love my body just as it is! I love my life just as it is! I love myself just as I am!
Sunday Sermon
Introducing the Church of Kindness
Greeting Readers

The Church of Kindness!?

A new religion? Are we talking a cult here? No it isn't new just unknown to a huge quantity of humans.  And it isn't a cult but I would love for it to become one!

You want to create a cult?? Yes in a manner of speaking I want to create a cult but it is not the dark kind. The Church of Kindness is a light of joy in a dark and depressing world.

Explain please? With pleasure! So a Church is a meeting place of humans who share a common belief system. In that way what I'm talking about is a church in that its doctrine is something that can be shared, the difference is my focus is not on the soul but on the spirit.

Kindness is a word we all know, the meaning in the context of the Church of Kindness is to do a good turn for someone or something. A Random Act of Kindness is another way of saying it but Kindness is shorter and to the point. To someone born in the 1920's it would be defined as being neighborly, something the last few generations have lost touch with.

A random act of kindness or paying it forward! That is the central belief of the Church of Kindness with one important condition, you are not kind because it benefits you but because it benefits the person you are being kind to. I strongly believe that doing a good deed is it's own reward and should require no acknowledgement to the doer. In this day and age in North America such a declaration is not received well, everyone seems to be looking to profit from everything they do. I'm not looking for any kind physical profit, the profit one receives from doing a anonymous act of kindness is the good feeling that you have brought some happiness into someone else's life.

I have a deck of cards I picked up a few years back when the kindness movement first came into the public's awareness. The "Smile" deck has the standard four suits but each suit represents a different level of kindness; Hearts represents acts of kindness "For those Unknown"; Spades represents acts of kindness "For the World"; Clubs are for "The People You Know" and Diamonds are "For Yourself". Make no mistake the ones on the diamonds are spiritual kindnesses or karma builders not physical rewards, as a result they are among my favorites, they are also the hardest to pull off.

Here are the Aces:
Hearts- Hug the first five people you see
Clubs- Call a mentor to say thank you
Spades- Make and post signs with tips to reduce water use
Diamonds- Give away one of your possessions RIGHT NOW 

I also have a business card  called a smile card though it is not for my business. These cards are given when you do an anonymous act of kindness to encourage the receiver to pass it forward. While I don't use these often I have given a few but the point of giving an anonymous gift is to remain anonymous and these cards direct the receiver to a web site rather than just offer encouragement to repeat the kindness they have received.

 If you want to see where I got some of my inspiration for the Church of Kindness check out Help Others. They have tons of ideas of things you can do to spread the gift of kindness. The first inspiration was a film made in 2000 that spoke very strongly to me and started my search on this idea of Pay it Forward which in turn led me to Random Acts of Kindness and from there to the idea for my own Church of Kindness

I am encourage you to check out the above website as well as a few others I've put over on the right to learn more about my church and the foundation of my spirituality.

365 Photo Challenge

Photo A Day Challenge
Day 7. Where you are: Show us where you went today.
I stayed home because I was babysitting

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  1. What an inspirational post and a beautiful way to approach life!
    Many times I have found myself on the receiving end of these acts of kindness and whenever I'm presented the opportunity to pay it forward, I do. How much kinder he world would be if everyone took this point of view.