Monday, 8 July 2013

July 8: Say "I Love Me" As Often As Possible

31 Days of Self Love
Day 8: Say "I Love Me" As Often As Possible
We’re not brought up to say “I love me.” It can feel funny at first. And continue to feel funny for a while. Even so, go to a mirror, look into it, and say, “I love you” to your reflection. If you have to close your eyes when you get to the mirror, that’s okay. You can force yourself to do it at first. The more you say it, the more you remind yourself that you want to feel self-love. The more you say it the more it will sink in.

Falling in love with yourself takes time and patience. Your closed eyes may open a little as you get more comfortable. Then a little more. As you continue to do it, it will begin to feel more natural. You’ll get more comfortable with it. Think of it as practice for real love one day and keep it up, every time you pass a mirror. It’s a lovely day when you say “I love me” and realize that it’s true! Practice does turn into real loving!

I always end up giggling when I do this but I have to admit I do find myself liking myself despite that.

NaBloPoMo From Blogher
Monday, July 8, 2013: Who was the first person you met over the Internet?

I honestly don't remember probably the sysop of the first Bulletin Board I joined. That was twenty years ago now so I don't recall the details. One thing I do know, I met Rob through a BBS. He was the tech for the last BBS I ever joined. They used to hold weekly get together's at a pool hall and my daughter dragged me to one and introduced me to him. One thing led to another and we ended up living together. 

365 Photo Challenge
8. One Flower

Photo A Day Challenge
Day 8. Path: Snap a photo of a path – which could be any kind of surface.

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