Monday, 1 July 2013

June Update

Month in Review Calendar

Activity Update

June was pretty hit and miss for me, if you are a regular reader you know this. I feel as if some kind of explanation is in order. Except that I need you to understand that my reactions to events in my life tend to be extreme, my mother always called me high-strung which is a nice way of saying I am given to emotional extremes. This is only the 2nd Father's Day without my father and it hit me quite hard, I mean seriously knocking me on my emotional ass.

My stats for this moth are really bad.
17 days out of 30 have pictures of which 3 are gets from the internet and several are old ones not new ones.
I didn't answer any of the prompts from Blogher and the 13 days I don't have pictures on are just the photo prompt for that day, which I actually prepared on May 27th. And I don't know how many were late. Like I said a really bad month. As for my own prompts I think I managed 4 or 5 and only 3 days on the 31 Days of Self Love

Coming up in July

I have no idea!  Below is a list of possibilities:
1) Collages made using Scrapbook kits, Internet images, Photoshop Actions
2) Photos following the prompts from the Picture A Day and Capture Your 365
3) Writing using the Prompts from Blogher
4) 30 Challenges in 30 Days and 31 Days of Self Love
5) Scrapbook Pages

I have been looking for collage challenges: 1)  Collage Obsession is a weekly challenge and is the only one I've found that is ongoing, I suppose I could do Scrapbook Challenges  but I'm not sure. I have a lot of overdue Scrapbook pages at least from my point of view they are over dues

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