Tuesday, 2 July 2013

July 2 Look for Love in the Right Places

Looking at myself, looking for love though love was far from my mind when I took this photo, this is the first self-portrait I've taken in awhile and of the several I took this is the only one where I made myself smile. Anyway this is me as I look today and yes the hair really is as short as it looks. My body heat output is high and between the summer heat and the hot flashes I needed a way to stay cool. So I asked my daughter to give me a buzz cut.

Whiskers : I tried to get a picture of my own but my camera didn't pick them up, I only tried one setting though, maybe I'll try again using the other settings but not today, my eyes are sore today. Meanwhile here is a close-up of my kitten Ember while he is enjoying his breakfast.

Shoes: This is my favorite pair of slippers, my own ruby red slippers. You can't see the design very well but they are covered by little red flowers & tiny blue leaves and they can be worn inside or outside which considering I tend to forget about footwear when I go out to the backyard is a good thing.

Blogher asks: Where is your favourite place to connect with friends?

I have few people I consider friends and I see them when I can which is almost never. I don't connect with anyone new except through the computer. While I'm sure that you do not understand how anyone can have no one they hang with regularly consider the following points:

1) For most of my adult life I was a sex addict so my life was spent going from one lover to another inbetween looking for a new one or a new thrill.

2) I spent 10 years with one man and lost touch with everyone I knew so I could concentrate on him because that is the kind of woman I am also because I was living in Toronto and everyone I knew lived in Peterborough. I really believe that old fashioned view that my husband's needs come before a mine. Strange in this day and age I'm sure but I am an old-fashioned girl.

3) I moved every year between the ages of 21 and 40 and began to repeat that pattern from age 50 to the present.

4) My daughter requires me to be present whenever she needs me so I do not leave the house unless I have to. Again this is part of who I am, I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to go anywhere or do anything unless I have to and I justify it by telling myself I am needed where I am.

In my younger days it was the local bar but that is not an option that is open to me any more and coffee shops are too expensive even though most of my old friends meet at Peterborough Square or a local Tim Horton's. Those people and I have very little in common these days.

There are things I am interested in like the poetry group and the amateur theatre group but they are not high on my list of things to do. The poetry group is full of university students and I feel kind of out of place. I am still hoping to motivate myself to attend a poetry slam some day.


  1. My friend, you are beautiful!
    I know some folks don't "get it" but for so many of us, the on-line community is he only one we have. And yes, it IS real!