Friday, 1 November 2013

Nov 1, 2013: Battle 1: Losing Weight

The reasons for this battle are many but boil down to three:

  1. If I don't chances are good I will have a fatal heart-attack & die before I am 55 which is only two years away.
  2. The doctor has become involved and says that many of the illnesses I am currently dealing with have a link to morbid obesity and that if I want them to go away I must deal with that & quickly
  3. I have reason to believe that my size has contributed to my lack of employability, there simply isn't enough space between the counter & the prep areas to accommodate my girth and fellow employees without collisions happening which could result in physical damage to my fellow employees and to myself therefore at my current size I am dangerous to other employees.

The ultimate goal:
To go from a weight of 225 lbs to a weight of 125 lbs. To reduce my measurements by 30% and the total fat content of my body from it's current amount which gives me a BMI of 42.5 to a much healthier 24.6


Other than the reasons given above why do I want to lose weight:

  • I am sick & tired of having to turn sideways to go through turnstiles
  • I want to play with my grandsons for more than a few minutes instead of having to stop because I am tired out and having trouble catching my breath
  • I want to be able to walk without it hurting my knees and killing my feet
  • I want to be able to wear nice clothes again rather than living in track pants & T-shirts
  • I want to be rid of the pain & depression associated with being over-weight
  • I want to live to see 100 years. I think 2060 is going to be fantastic
  • I want to be able to work at a Tim Hortons and do really well at it and I can't do that unless I get small enough I will fit behind the counter
  • I want to fit comfortably on a bike and behind a steering wheel
  • I am tired of being tired all the time & I feel that if my heart and lungs have less weight to push around maybe I will have enough energy to take part in a marathon


The method in general terms: Lose weight by changing my diet to a healthier one, taking part in more physical activity, get counselling for dealing with the mental and emotional reasons behind my current eating habits.

The resources I will be using to help me in the battle:

YMCA membership & the help of a certified trainer for 6 weeks

Controlling portions using the accepted mesurements perscribed by the Canadian Diabetic Association

Counselling programs aimed specifically at persons with weight issues starting with Craving Change

I have a number of books in my library which I will read and follow their training plans


Measurements and a more detailed plan is in the works and will be available next Friday. I invite you all along on this journey with me, maybe we can help each other.

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