Friday, 22 November 2013

Nov 22, 2013

So I saw the dietician today ... I was happy that I could tell her I had done my homework and even went a couple of steps further. Which seemed to please her so I was pleased. My next appointment is Jan 2nd, figured that was a good date because it is in the New Years Resolution period. If I can go back having lost another four pounds and an inch or two then I will be happier still.

My homework this next month includes watching my carb intake and keeping it to 30-45 g per meal, she even gave me a food guide that actually spells out what they consider carbs. The second thing is to take one class per week at the YMCA, I mean I have the membership, I'm paying for it so I should put it to use. If I can work it up to more than that that again will be a big plus for me. That and I need to make an appointment with a fitness trainor and actually attend the meeting.

Next week I go see my doctor about my sugar, hopefully it is at a more acceptable level than it has been. Oh yes and I am going to a Dance Your Bones next Thursday evening, I am really looking forward to that especially since I will be going with my new friend Doren


Keep Smiling

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