Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Brass Ring

Definition: success or a reward that you try to achieve, often by competing against other people

I don't compete in anything, I'm just not kind of person. It has caused me some problems but I'm willing to bet it has saved me from quite a few more. Still everyone should have a brass ring, something they would like to accomplish in their lives with or without the competivness gene. For me, I suppose my brass ring right now would be to make some progress , visible progress with the weight loss game. Hmmm that was an odd choice of words but I suppose if I can see it as a game maybe I'll be willing to work hard enough to win to my goal.

The brass ring for me would be to be able to walk into Ardene and purchase one of those tee-shirts I've been admiring, yeah their for teens and tweens but heck I'm entering my second childhood so I guess I can dress like a teenager if I want.

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