Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WIP or Completed as of Today

Once I returned home from the Professors I was able to get back to work on my creative projects.
Dec Crazy Quilt Square
To be fair this was begun in December as a practice square, I am new to patchwork and have been away from embroidery for 20 years or more. I still have several seams to do and a bit of threadwork in the centre. Well some threadwork and a couple of buttons to put the Holy family in the centre where they belong.

Colour Square- Knit Stitch
Sampler Square - Alternating Rows

January's Knitted Squares - Two for each month one representing the colours I associate with that month and one a sample stitch I wanted to practice. Next year when the squares are complete I will turn them into a quilt.

Crazy Quilt Square for January
This is January's CQ Square. Much simpler patch work than the December one but I will be adding beads as well as experimenting with making interesting seam decorations on this one. So far I have one seam in Cretan Stitch, one in Feather Stitch and am working on one in Herringbone Stitch. Of the other two seams I will be doing them in Buttonhole and Fly Stitch.

The plan is to then add a beaded snowflake and several snowflake buttons as well as the word January. If it still looks bare I will most likely add some smaller snowflakes made from seed beads or some stitched ones depending on which I think will look better.

On my to do list still is an altered fashion doll representing air, a dishcloth, four angels for my tree this December, a headband and a pair of art boxes representing winter all before the end of January.

Will I get them all done, stay tuned to this blog to find out.

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